Class notes


Please note that the purpose of these class notes is to help you review for the midterm tests. They are not a substitute for class attendance or the textbooks. While they are quite comprehensive they do not reflect exactly what is discussed in class as they have all been written before the beginning of the course.



       Criminology views. Optional article on criminology views


       Criminal Process


       Theory of offense Optional article on theory of offense


       Methods and Crime Patterns




       Restorative Justice


       Sexual assault


       Criminal harassment


       Classical and Neoclassical Criminology


       Homicides and multiple murderers Audio presentation on homicides


       Trait theories


       Social Control/Social Bond and Strain theory


       Labeling theory Labeling theory presentation


       Death penalty presentation




       Parole and probation


       Corporate Crime


       Feminist criminology


       Peacemaking criminology


       Crime participation Slide presentation on criminal participation


       Crime and drugs


       Abductions and kidnappings


       Battered women


       Critical criminology


       Money laundering




       Criminal profiling


       Crimes against property


       Sex offender registration