How to make the most of a lecture

Workshop: Wednesday, September 19, 2007








o     To learn to make the most of a lecture and class activities.

o     To learn to take useful notes and to ask useful questions.



       Role of lectures

o     Structure of lectures: objectives, connection to course objectives, integration

o     Reading guides

o     Creation of outline

o     Note taking to complete the outline

o     How to ask useful questions: questions to complete the outline

       Learning cycle

       Reflection in action

       Learning styles

       Cognitive development stages


  Group work activity

  Video clips for input


       Paper Chase

       Dead Poets Society


Discussion Questions

       What teaching style predominates in each scene?

       Which teaching method do you think is the most effective for you?

       In your opinion, what is the best strategy to take notes in class?

       Do you find group-work like this one useful? Why? Why not?

       Do you find lectures useful? What elements must a lecture have to be useful for you?

       What is your learning style? How do you best learn?

       If you had to teach a 1st year class, how would you do it? Would you lecture? Would you include group activities?



Useful links


        Experiential learning



        Cognitive Development and the Perry Model



        Donald Schn and the reflective practitioner