1.         Discuss abortion from both sides. Or discuss the history of abortion in Canada.

2.         Discuss gay and lesbian adoption. Or discuss same sex marriage.

3.         Discuss Tre Arrowís cause. Or discuss the use of the term eco-terrorist in the media and the rights issues that arise from this debate. Or who is Tre Arrow and how does his cause relate to the issue of dissent?

4.         Analyze Roma peopleís situation in post Communist Eastern Europe. Or discuss the European Unionís influence on Eastern European countries.

5.         Discuss Hindu and Islamic traditions with special reference to the Canadian context.

6.         Discuss privacy issues related to Internet.

7.         How does domestic violence reflect discrimination in the Canadian justice system?

8.         Discuss school violence.

9.         Discuss some examples of hazardous child labour conditions.



Evaluation criteria and test bank


Evaluation criteria


The criteria are formulated in the form of questions. A positive response must be given to the following questions in order to obtain full credit for each answer. The value of each criterion is included after each question.


1.††††† Did you answer the question comprehensively? Are all relevant problems discussed? Was the answer readable and well organized? Did you make connections between issues discussed in your answer? Value of this criterion: 0.5 point.


2.††††† Did your answer discuss problems by reference to theoretical issues learned during the course? Did your answer relate to the issues and topics discussed in class? Did your answer show an understanding of the appropriate readings or class discussions? Did your answer show an understanding of the discussions and issues arisen in the presentation? Value of this criterion: 3 points.


3.††††† Is there a critical personal assessment of the topic discussed? Does the personal assessment show some originality? Value of this criterion: 1.5 point.