Having a strong research agenda, I am always looking for highly motivated students to help me do cutting edge research on a wide array of Law and Justice areas.


All these research assistance opportunities are unpaid and on a volunteering basis. The rewards for participating are significant. Volunteering will provide you with the opportunity to learn research skills, which are essential if you are considering to purse graduate studies or to attend Law School. Also, if you need a letter of recommendation from me, I will make sure to comment on your research activities. A recommendation letter is much stronger to the extent that I can comment on specific qualities and experiences. You will also gain a very good understanding of the topics you research. Additionally, I acknowledge the participation of all my research assistants in the publications that I produce based on my research.


How do I work with student research assistants?

The actual activities you will perform depend on a variety of factors, such as your experience, the time you have, and the characteristics of the research programme.


In general, I will assign you a short project for you to complete. This may include a bibliographical search, a short literature review, the annotation of journal articles on a certain topic, or the search of case law in a certain area. Usually, I have deadlines to complete, so I will let you know if you have to complete the project by a certain day.


I will teach you how to do the research project and will help you improve your research skills. I will guide you through the project and give you feedback. I will be available for consultation on any problem that may arise.


Who can apply?


Any Algoma U student that is interested in doing research with me can apply. You do not have to be registered in a course with me right now.

Also, if you were my student at Dalhousie University or at St. Mary’s University, you can also apply. I will be glad to work together in a research project.


How to Apply:


Before applying, please read my research agenda so that you can get familiar with the type of research I do.


Please send me an email expressing interest in working with me as a student research assistant. Also, please let me know your availability, your research experience, if any, how many law-related courses you have taken, if any, and roughly how many hours and for how many weeks you can work on a research project. This will help me assign you a project that will be suitable for you.


Recent Student Research Assistants


For a list of recent student research assistants, and the type of work they have conducted, please click here.



Funded current research project


As part of a LURF Research Grant, I am conducting a project on criminality in outer space, please contact me if you are interested in participating in this project.