Test Bank


  1. Who is affected by illegal downloading? Do you believe that downloading a song is the same as stealing a CD?
  2. What are the enumerated and analogous grounds listed in section 15 of the Charter? What is the Oakes test? How does it work? Give an example.
  3. How are women who are victims of domestic violence re-victimized by the justice system?
  4. What are the main types of torts?

5.      Analyze the impact of corporations both globally and locally from socio-legal perspectives. Please use at least one of four of the articles featured in the presentation. Briefly give your opinion on social policies surrounding corporations.

  1. Analyze the Kyoto Protocol and its goals. Choose one country and discuss its position on the protocol.
  2. What is the feminist perspective on pornography?
  3. Analyze the four types of dispute resolutions.
  4. Briefly discuss the court system in Canada.



Evaluation criteria for the take home test


The criteria are formulated in the form of questions. A positive response must be given to the following questions in order to obtain full credit for each answer. The value of the evaluation criteria for each of the four questions is as stated after each question.


1.      Did you answer the question comprehensively? Are all relevant problems discussed? Was the answer readable and well organized? Did you make connections between issues discussed in your answer? Did your answer show an understanding of the topic dealt with? Value of this criterion: 1 point for each question.

  1. Did your answer discuss problems by reference to theoretical issues learned during the course? Did your answer show an understanding of the appropriate readings or class discussions? Did your answer show an understanding of the discussions and issues arisen in class? Did your answer make reference to class discussions, activities, and readings? Value of this criterion: 2 points for each question.
  2. Is there a critical personal assessment of the topic discussed? Does the personal assessment show some originality? Value of this criterion: 2 points for each question.