Centre for Learning and Teaching


2004-2005 Award Winning Teacher


Julian Hermida, Sociology & Social Anthropology

Sessional and Part-time Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching





The Dalhousie Sessional and Part-Time Instructor
Awards of Excellence for Teaching


This award is presented annually to two instructors who have displayed the qualities of superior teaching, enthusiasm for the subject, and interest in the needs of students.


It is expected that the following criteria will be among those considered by both nominators and evaluators alike. Candidates should

  1. be thoroughly prepared for teaching sessions, whether lectures, laboratories, seminars, or tutorials;
  2. have enthusiasm for the subject, and the capacity to arouse interest in it among the students;
  3. encourage student participation in the teaching and learning process;
  4. set a high standard and successfully motivate students to attain such a standard;
  5. communicate effectively at levels appropriate to students' capacities;
  6. utilize (when responsible for evaluation design) methods of evaluation of student performance which stress an understanding of the subject, rather than just the ability to memorize; be accessible (within reason, and subject to the instructor's personal circumstances)to students outside class hours.