How to Promote Deep Learning


Julian Hermida, Algoma University


Teaching Forum


Academic Standards and Teaching & Learning Committee

September 19, 2008






·      Objective

·      Introduction:  Deep Learning

·      Video

·      Research findings on deep learning

·      Videos to foster discussion

·      Group discussion

·      Conclusions

·      Resources:


Objective: to reflect about the importance of promoting deep learning and to examine the question “How can we promote our students’ deep learning?


Research findings on Deep Learning


Group discussion


        Is Lucas a deep learner? Why? Why not?

        What do we usually do in our courses that results in surface learning?

        What do we need to do to encourage our students to take a deep approach to learning? How can we teach so that Robert becomes like Susan?

        What institutional changes, if any, are required to promote a deep approach to learning?

        Think of a course you are teaching/taking, what specific changes would you introduce to promote deep learning?