Test Bank


1.      Discuss all types of early release, including the grounds for granting full parole.

2.      John and Susan used to be in a romantic relationship. John recently broke up with Susan because he was soon moving away for university. Before John moved away, Susan would constantly call his cell phone and unexpectedly visited his workplace. After John moved away, Susan began asking John’s parents to get John’s new address, but left them alone after they said they could not give her that information.

3.      Discuss the main principles, goals, and characteristics of Restorative Justice.

4.      Analyze the main sentencing principles.

5.      Susan has noticed a man following her everywhere she goes. She notices him parked outside her gym, her home, and work. At first, she thought it may have been a coincidence, but one day she found a present on her doorstep from a man named George. After that she kept receiving gifts from him every day, each with a note attached talking about how much he loved her and how he knows they will have a great life together. Susan begins to fear for her life, and told her next door neighbour, who in turn told George to leave her alone. After that day, Susan got a teddy bear with a knife in it and a threat about to kill her and her neighbour if she leaves him.

6.      Analyze the four types of stalkers.

7.      Analyze all culpable and non culpable homicides.

8.      Compare the crime of stalking in California and in Canada.

9.      Discuss all categories of criminal participation.

10. Sally and Joe broke up one week before their wedding. A couple of months later, Sally started seeing another man, Derek. Joe started sending Sally threatening emails and followed her from work on a couple of occasions. Joe wanted to get back at Sally for seeing Derek. Joe harassed Sally for another month until Derek confronted Joe about it. They argued and Derek threw a punch at Joe’s face.

11. Peter and Jim decided to rob a bank. Jim stayed at home trying to break into the bank’s computer system to open the vault while Peter robbed the bank. Impatient because the vault did not open, Peter shot an uncooperative bank employee, and raped a young woman who kept crying. Finally, Jim succeeded in opening the vault, and Peter stole $400,000 and some jewels. On his way back, he found Tom, a friend driving to his job. Peter stopped him and asked him if he could give him a ride to his home, which was on the way. Tom agreed. When they arrived, Peter thanked Tom for the ride and gave him $100. He said, “Thanks for the ride. Here, this is for you. I just robbed the bank and I am loaded.”

12. Discuss the crime of stalking.

13. A mother who has been diagnosed with post partum depression kills her baby when he is 1 ˝ years old.

14. Bob has always watched American Idol since it began and has always had a thing for Paula Abdul. Bob recently learned that American Idol crews were coming to his hometown to select people to go to Hollywood, California. Bob went to try out for American Idol and while Randy and Simon rip Bob apart, Paula was very nice and treated Bob very nicely. Bob took this as a sign that Paula was the girl for him, after this, Bob sends her a letter every day explaining his love to her and begins to follow her to her home after the taping of the show. Finally, he confronts her. Paula turns him down and Bob becomes verbally abusive.

15.  A man was sentenced to three years in jail because of taking illegal substances. He did not participate in drug programs and he has two years left in jail. Should he be eligible for day parole? Why or why not? What other suggestions would you propose?

16. Analyze the crimes of kidnapping and abduction.

17. Prof. Hermida had a dinner date at his house with Brooke Shields. When Brooke left his house and returned home, she realized she did not have his scarf. She phoned Prof. Hermida and asked him if she had left her scarf at his house. While dancing in front of the mirror with her scarf, he tells her that she hadn’t.

18.  Brooke Shields came home from a movie set one day to discover that her daughter was missing. After a fruitless search, a few days later she received a phone call from Prof. Julian Hermida notifying her that he would return her daughter safely if she would give him one kiss and $5,000,000.

19.  Analyze sex offender registration in Canada. What are the main differences with the United States?

20.  Discuss all property crimes.



Evaluation criteria:


The criteria are formulated in the form of questions. A positive response must be given to the following questions in order to obtain full credit for each answer. The value of the evaluation criteria for each of the four questions is as stated after each of question.


1.      Did you answer the question comprehensively? Are all relevant problems discussed? Was the answer readable and well organized? Did you make connections between issues discussed in your answer? Did your answer show an understanding of the topic dealt with? Value of this criterion: 6 points for the question in section A, 8 points for the scenario in section B, and 3 points for the question or scenario in section C.

2.      Did your answer discuss problems by reference to theoretical issues learned during the course? Did your answer show an understanding of the appropriate readings or class discussions? Did your answer show an understanding of the discussions and issues arisen in class? Did your answer make reference to class discussions, activities, and readings? Value of this criterion: 2 points for the question in section A, 1 point for the scenario in section B, and 1 point for the question or scenario in section C.

3.      Is there a critical personal assessment of the topic discussed? Does the personal assessment show some originality? Value of this criterion: 2 points for the question in section A, and 1 points for the scenario in section B and 1 point for the question or scenario in section C.