Reading questions

Legal education

What are the goals of legal studies undergraduate programs?

What are the goals of Law Schools?

What are their notions of Law?


What are their different approaches?


What is the nature of Law School education?

What is the significance, if any, of studying law at the undergraduate level?

What is going back to basis?

What is the signature pedagogy of Law Schools as discussed in the book “Educating Lawyers”?

What are the apprenticeships of professional education as discussed in the book “Educating Lawyers”?

Law School admissions


What does the Law School admission process consist of?

What would you change about admission to Law Schools in Canada?

 What is the main goal that Law Schools pursue in the admissions process?

Legal Pedagogies:




What is deep learning?

What is surface learning?

What is the Socratic method? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional lecture?

What is microteaching?

What are ability-based learning outcomes?


Legal education outside North America



What are the differences between legal education in Europe and North America?

What is the Bologna process?


Admission to the legal profession


What does the admission process to the legal profession consist of in Canada? Are there any discriminatory consequences of the process?


What does the bar admission process consist of in the United States? How is it different from the Canadian process?



Learning and practice


How do professionals learn?

What is reflection in action?

What is reflection on action?

Law Professors



What is the recruitment process for Law School professors in the US?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this process?

How does this process differ from the Canadian one?


Big Law Firms

What is the life of a big law firm lawyer like?

What is the management style of big law firm lawyers?

What is the partner system like? What are the requirements to become partner in a big law firm?

Who does the partner system in big law firms discriminate against?

What are some law-related career alternatives?