1)    What are the sources of International Law?

2)    What are the four steps in foreign legal research?

3)    Discuss the main actors in international law.

4)    Under the Canadian extraterritorial act dealing child sex tourism, if a Canadian male travelled to Thailand and hired a 17-year old child for sexual purposes, what crime, if any, would he commit?

5)    An American travel agency sets up a trip for a 21 year old Canadian male to go to Singapore. The Canadian says that he wants to know the laws about prostitution there. The agency informs him of the laws and the Canadian has sex with a 17-year old girl there. Analyze the crimes if any.

6)    Analyze Canadian extradition policy.

7)    Discuss the crimes subject to prosecution before the ICC.

8)    Analyze the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

9)    Compare and contrast Canadian and US extraterritorial laws dealing with child sex tourism.

10)                       Analyze jus ad bellum and jus in bello.

11)                       Analyze jus ad bellum.

12)                       What is the Canadian procedure for extradition?

13)                       Discuss recognition and enforcement in Private International Law.

14)                       Analyze the rules of Private International Law.

15)                       Discuss the negotiation, ratification, and domestication of international treaties.


Evaluation criteria


1. Did you answer the question comprehensively? Are all relevant problems discussed? Was the answer readable and well organized? Did you make connections between issues discussed in your answer? Did your answer show an understanding of the topic dealt with?

2. Did your answer discuss problems by reference to theoretical issues learned during the course? Did your answer show an understanding of appropriate readings? Did your answer make reference to and elaborate upon the required readings?

3. Did your answer show an understanding of the discussions and issues arisen in class? Did your answer make reference to and elaborate upon class discussions, activities?

4. Is there a critical personal assessment of the topic discussed? Does the personal assessment show some originality?

5. Did your answer show an exceptional analysis of the topic discussed?