This is a tentative calendar of readings. If class discussions or class activities take longer than I originally estimated, I will not cut them short to follow this schedule of readings. We will simply reschedule the readings.


Additionally, I may substitute new topics for some of the ones included in this schedule, particularly if most of you show an interest for some topics not planned to be covered.


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       January 8 and 13: Global sex tourism

o  Other optional articles: Sex tourism and Sex tourism


       January 16: International Law background, Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from International Law book, from class notes, and article on sources.


       January 29 and February 5: Private International Law


       February 5 and February 10: Chapter Ten: Use of Force from the International Law book.



       February 12: International Criminal Court



       March 3: Human trafficking


       March 10: Extradition


       March 12 and 17: International Space Law