·   Find a current International Law problem related to the topics and issues discussed in class which you believe you should fight against.

·   This problem may be general, affecting a whole country or region, or specific, i.e., affecting an individual. The problem should relate to one of the issues which we discussed in class.

·   Describe the facts of this problem.

·   Analyze the international law issues involved.

·   Write a petition, amicus curiae brief, letter to an international or national authority responsible for the problem or any other document, where you propose a solution or request a change. Please send this document to the institution or official addressed to.

·   Hand in a copy to me in class.  The deadline is April 2, 2008 in class.

Passing requirements and scale of evaluation: a positive response must be given to the following questions in order to approve the essay. The criteria are formulated in the form of questions. All these criteria have the same value.

1.     Does the project adequately deal with the assigned topic? Does the analysis of the project show an understanding of the topic?

2.     Does the project show a clear, coherent, and comprehensive treatment of the problem?

3.     Does the project integrate knowledge acquired throughout the course? Does it make specific reference to theories and issues discussed in class? Does the project integrate and discuss the required readings?

4.     Does the project make reference to and elaborate upon class discussions and activities?

5.     Is the petition –letter or amicus curiae brief- persuasive and effective?

6.     Is the project exceptional? In other words, does it show strong evidence of original thinking? Has it originated a positive response?