This is a tentative calendar of readings. If class discussions or class activities take longer than I originally estimated, I will not cut them short to follow this schedule of readings. We will simply reschedule the readings.

Additionally, I may substitute new topics for some of the ones included in this schedule, particularly if most of you show an interest for some topics not planned to be covered.

January 7:  Criminal Justice actors (chapter 5 up to page 216 from Canadian Criminal Justice book).


January 12 and 14: Crime Control vs. Due Process: “Two Models of the Criminal Process”, from The Limits of the Criminal Sanction by Herbert L. Packer, Stanford University Press, 1968.


January 19 and 21: Victims (pages 72 to 86 and 216 to 229 from Canadian Criminal Justice book).

January 26 and 28: Sentencing (Chapter 6 from Canadian Criminal Justice book).

February 2 and 4: Restorative Justice: Four Models of the Criminal Process, by Kent Roach, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol. 82 No. 2, 1999, and pages 41 to 45 from Canadian Criminal Justice book). You need to log into JSTOR from the library’s web site or you need to log in as you usually do.

Feb. 9 and 11: Parole (chapter 8 from Canadian Criminal Justice book) and class notes.

February 23: Aboriginals and Criminal Justice: Aboriginal Peoples and the Criminal Justice System and Exploring Criminal Justice and the Aboriginal Healing Paradigm by Rupert Ross


March 13: Correctional Institutions (chapter 7 from Canadian Criminal Justice book).

Feb. 24 and March 2: Child pornography (from class notes).

March 4: Police (chapters 3 and 4 from Canadian Criminal Justice book).      

March 16 and 23: Gangs