Portfolio: Rules and Conditions


       If you want your class participation to be evaluated by means of a portfolio, you need to let me know as soon as possible and no later than the day you write the midterm test for the first time.

       The evaluation criteria for the portfolio are the same as the evaluation criteria for class participation, i.e., the SOLO taxonomy.

       The following specific rules also apply:

       The portfolio must be complete. It must contain all activities made in class and all required components, including answers to reading guides.

       The activities for the portfolio must be completed when discussed in class, not before or after class.

       The deadline for the submission of the portfolio is the same as the deadline for the submission of the final take-home. The portfolio must be submitted IN PERSON in class. You must hand in a hard copy of your portfolio.

       You are encouraged to submit the portfolio before the deadline for feedback.

       Please respect the instructions regarding the submission of the portfolio. There are no exceptions. The portfolio is considered a privilege and not a right. These rules and conditions elaborate upon the section entitled Privileges: Extensions, Waivers, and Other Authorizations from the Course Outline. Please read that section from your course outline.

       There are no extensions for the submission of the portfolio. The portfolio must be completed in class.