Steps to create the audiovisual project



Here are some tips on how to prepare your audiovisual project. These are just some very general ideas. Some –or maybe even none- of them may apply to your project. I am also including some links, which may be helpful. Come see me if you need further advice. Please read the course outline carefully for the project requirements, formalities, and the evaluation criteria.


Have fun preparing the project!


Think of what you want to express.


Write an outline of your main ideas. The project must directly relate to any of the topics analyzed in class and must make specific reference to theories, debates, class activities, and problems discussed in class.


Think of how you want to express it.


Decide whether you want to shoot a documentary, produce a photographic portfolio, or a website, etc.


For this decision, think of the best media to produce your ideas and also about the technology that is available and that you are most familiar with.


Show me an outline by October 14. I will give you feedback and some ideas.


Prepare a more detailed script.


Find your locations (if necessary).


Action: go shoot your film or take the pictures.


Edit the film or the pictures.


Add music or sound if necessary.


Prepare a presentation for the class. Remember the presentation may last up to 10 minutes.


HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some useful links



· Digital Learning Center

· Video Shooting Tips

· The Grammar of television and film

· Film language

· The Semiotics and Conventions of Television

· Cyber Film School  

· The filmmaking Channel