1. Programme Name: Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice (4-year), Single Specialization


2. Admission Requirements:


Ontario secondary schools

1 grade 12 4U English

• 5 other grade 4 U/M courses

See “Admissions” for other requirements.


3. Course Descriptions:


See Academic Calendar for course descriptions.


4. Prerequisite:

See Academic Calendar for prerequisite requirements for courses.


5. Other entry requirements:


Not applicable.


6. Please provide course map of:


1st year:       JURI 1105*


2nd year:     JURI 2106*

JURI 2107*

JURI 2136*

3rd year:      + 3000-series JURI courses (6 cr)


4th year:      + 4000-series courses from the Law & Justice Approved Course List (18 cr)


+ courses from the L&J Approved Course List (27cr)

+ electives** (54 cr)


*To graduate, students must obtain min. 60% in JURI 1105, 2106, 2107 & 2136

** May include credits from the Law & Justice Approved Course List.


1.             The maximum number of first year level credits which may be applied to a BA degree programme is 42 credits. 


2.             A single honours or specialization consists of 66 credits in a subject area.


3.             A student may take a maximum of 78 credits in a single subject area for credits toward the degree.


4.             A combined specialization consists of 42 credits in each of two subject areas.


Summary of Degree Requirements by course credit – specialized programme

Honours Diploma in Law and Justice

The Honours Diploma is designed as the equivalent of the 4th year of a specialized B.A. To be admitted, students require a 3-year B.A. in Law and Justice with a 70% average in their concentration. Students who do not have this grade and at least 36 credits in Law and Justice may be admitted after taking additional courses in Law and Justice. For the diploma, students are required to obtain a min. 70% average in the following courses (30 credits):

4000-series courses from the L&J Approved Course List (18 cr)

+ courses from the L&J Approved Course List (12 cr)




See course descriptions for all prerequisites. Prerequisites for non-JURI courses on the following list are waived for Law & Justice students, except PSYC 3606/07 (PSYC 1106/07 required) and PSYC 4026 (PSYC 1106/07 & 3606/07 required). Students may not take 2000- or 3000-series courses from this list before 2nd year (completion of 30 cr) nor 4000-series courses before 3rd year (completion of 60 cr). Where prerequisites are waived, students are responsible for any other work necessary to meet course requirements.

Admission to 3000-series JURI courses is nor­mally limited to 3rd-year students. Permission of the instructor and the department chair is required for admission to any 4000-series courses on this list. Although students with 70% may be admitted to these courses in 3rd year, they are not normally admitted before 4th year or without an appropriate background for the course.


CESD 3216 E CESD and the Law

CLAS 3406 E Roman Law

JURI 1105 E Introduction to Legal Studies

JURI 2106 E Introduction to Private Law

JURI 2107 E Introduction to Public Law

JURI 2136 E Introduction to Interpersonal Dispute Resolution

JURI 2306 E Commercial Law [available only by correspondence]

JURI 2316 E Environmental Law

JURI 2426 E Nature of Legal Authority

JURI 2506 E Property Law

JURI 3126 E Theories of Judicial Decision Making 

JURI 3136 E The Adversary System and its Critique

JURI 3206 E Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedure

JURI 3216 E Themes in Criminal Law

JURI 3506 E Legal Regulation of Close Adult Personal Relationships

JURI 3606 E Legal Regulation of Parent - Child Relationships

JURI 3616 E Labour Law

JURI 3626 E Labour Law and the Modern State

JURI 3706 E Rights and Law

JURI 4026 E Wicked Legal Systems

JURI 4126 E Legal Reasoning

JURI 4206 E Independent Studies I

JURI 4207 E Independent Studies II

JURI 4236 E Youth in Conflict with the Law

JURI 4246 E Women in Conflict with the Law

JURI 4286 E Judicial Institutions

JURI 4386 E Great Trials

JURI 4486 E Legal Professions

JURI 4716 E Life and Death Decisions

JURI 4816 E Selected Topics in Law and Justice

JURI 4826 E Selected Topics in Law and Justice

JURI 4985 E Honours Essay [by special arrangement only]

NATI 3105 E Canadian Law, Politics and Aboriginal People (also POLI 3105 E)

NATI 3116 E Aboriginal People and the Criminal Justice System

NATI 3117 E Social Policy and Family Law with Native People

PHIL 2505 E Critical Thinking and Argumentation

PHIL 2575 E Philosophy of Law 

POLI 2705 E Canadian Government and Politics

POLI 3105 E Canadian Law, Politics and Aboriginal People (also NATI 3105 E)

PSYC 3605 E Psychopathology

PSYC 4026 E Forensic Psychology

PSYC 4027 E The Psychology of Criminal Conduct

SOCI 2086 E Crime and Punishment I: Explanations of Crime

SOCI 2087 E Crime and Punishment II: Police, Courts, Prisons and Rehabilitation

SOCI 3086 E Sociology of Law

SOCI 3307 E Social Problems: Legal Issues

SOCI 4286 E Youth and The Law

SOCI 4287 E The Family, the State and the Law

STAT 2126 E Introduction to Statistics