My advising philosophy

Julian Hermida



Advising as Teaching and Learning


I approach advising as a learning situation for all my advisees. My main goal of academic advising is to foster the development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving competences, and a sense of full responsibility.


In this era of global communications, information on curriculum and graduation requirements are easily available in a variety of formats. So, instead of merely providing information, I will encourage you to reflect on that information, and discuss it with me. By encouraging you to make sound personal and academic choices, I will help you develop problem-solving skills while at the same time you will learn to assume full responsibility for your own actions in the academic milieu.  I will also challenge you to justify choices and to make connections between personal and educational goals. I hope that this approach to academic advising can become a powerful part of your education.


My role and responsibilities:


Your role and responsibilities: