Media Literacy and the Development of Global Citizens

Julian Hermida, Algoma University College, Department of Law and Politics



Learning in a Global Society


The Association of Atlantic Universities Teaching Showcase

Acadia University

October 20, 2007




o    To highlight the importance of helping students develop media literacy

o    To offer some examples of student-centered activities informed by visual pedagogy aimed at fostering media literacy in a Law course.


  Video clip for input


  Media literacy


  Prevailing Law School Teaching Philosophy and Audiovisual Culture


  Need to teach media literacy in Law School


  Group activity


Please watch the following video. It is a day-in-the-life video of a female teenager who has been raped. The video is intended to be use in court to show how much her life has changed and how she struggles every day with mental anguish and depression.

Assume you are the lawyers representing the teenager in a civil lawsuit in order to get compensation from the defendant. What changes will you have to make to the video to effectively present it in court.


You can read more about some tips on a day-in-the-life videos by clicking here.


Discussion questions:

      Do you think it is important to foster media literacy in the university classrooms?

      What are the major advantages of teaching media literacy at the University level?

      What difficulties do you envision for the teaching of media literacy at the University level?

      In your opinion, what is the best strategy to teach media literacy?



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